Siam Spoon

From Chicken Satay to Panang Curry…Siam Spoon is Changing the SF Thai Landscape. This is the Siam Spoon experience, where the classic San Francisco culinary circuit charm meets ethnic Thai perfection. Comfortably nestled within a streetside nook at 427 Linden Avenue in South San Francisco, Siam Spoon serves authentic Thai cuisine created by our family…and tailored to satisfy yours.

From popular menu items such as Pad Thai, Thai Iced Tea, Pad See U, Chicken Satay, Panang Curry, Thai Samosa, Yellow Curry, Thom Kha Soup, Pad Ki Mao and Fried Egg Rolls to unique salad creations such as our Papaya Salad, Seafood Salad, Silver Noodle Salad, Larb Salad and Buddha Salad, Siam Spoon offers a range of Thai delights unlike anywhere else in the city.

More About Us!

Stop in for a snack or a genuine, full-blown Thai feast – start your foray into the Siam Spoon experience with one of our tongue-awakening appetizers such as Crispy Shrimp Rolls, French Fried Tofu, Fried Wontons, Corn Fritters or perhaps “Angel Wings.” Move on to one of our savory, perfectly-cooked and simmered soups including Tom Yum, Combination Beef Soup, classic Chicken Noodle Soup, BBQ Pork Wonton Noodle Soup, Seafood Noodle Soup, Sliced Roast Duck Noodle Soup or even Curry Noodle Soup.

Our stir-fried noodles have become very popular as of late, and for good reason – choices such as Raad Na, flat noodles with broccoli and gravy sauce; Kuaw Kai, flat noodles with bean sprout, green onion and egg and Pra Ram, flat noodles with broccoli and peanut sauce are dishes not to be missed at Siam Spoon. We also offer a complete selection of Asian-inspired fried rice dishes, including Khao Pad with fried shrimp, fried chicken, roasted duck and pineapple as well as Khao Pad Moo Dang Kunchiang.

The Siam Spoon experience doesn’t stop there. From coveted classic curry dishes to BBQ plates, side orders, desserts, complete party trays and takeout service, we are the total Thai package in San Francisco.